About Us

Who we are

amaze360 is a cloud services provider based in Brisbane Australia but with a national presence across Australia’s major cities and with a well established distribution and reseller channel.  We are 100% Australian owned and operated, with no offshore data, no offshore call centre. We pride ourselves on supporting local economies through returning investment into local communities through our reseller network.  As a company we have continually grown year on year both in terms of customer base and revenue.

Our History

amaze360 Pty Ltd was formed in 2009 after eighteen months of research and development by the company founders into how to achieve the best enterprise grade multi-tenant desktop-as-a service cloud platform. As a result of our extensive investment into our platform we have a product that is extremely reliable, and completely fault tolerant.    The founders of amaze360 are the technical mainstays of the business and as a result essential technical IP does not leave the business when there are changes in staff.   This is very beneficial for our customers as it provides long term product stability.

Since its formation amaze360 has steadily built strong relationships with key technology and communications suppliers.  These relationships help ensure we have the capability to consistently deliver on our service level targets, which we have done since our first customers went live.  In addition, these relationships also provide the capability to plan, develop, and execute the roadmap for future product development.

Our Commitment

The basis of all that we do to serve our customers is very simple: Information Technology should be an enabler for business growth, not a barrier.  This means two things:  1) It should do what they need, when/where they need it; and 2) it should always be available for them to do it.  That means that if a business moves IT systems to the cloud, they should not have to be concerned with whether their business is operational if their provider has a major incident.  Our commitment to customers and resellers is to achieve the highest levels of service availability coupled with strong service guarantees, thereby minimising the risks associated with business IT in the cloud.

Contact Us

As a cloud services provider we are always interested in hearing from users, resellers, and other technology providers about they way we can make doing business easier.  Please get in touch.

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