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Australia’s Premium Hosted Desktop Service

Hosted Virtual Desktops provide a way for customers to run desktop applications and store associated data in the cloud.  By using applications and data in the cloud, organisations are free from geographical constraints associated with operating a business, such as opening new offices, gaining a national or even international presence, and work from home/workforce mobility.

The access360 Hosted Virtual Desktop service represents the best cloud technology available.  The ability for organisations to seamlessly and simultaneously operate across multiple active datacentres (PoPs) across Australia provides an always-on service, backed by comprehensive and robust service level guarantees.  What this means to you is that your data and applications are secure and always available wherever you are, on what ever device you’re using.

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    Don't change what you do, just where you do it

    What you do remains the same.  Run the same applications as you do now, and operate on the same data as if they were installed on the local PC.  Access your applications securely from anywhere in the world, and from any device – Windows, Apple Mac, smartphone, tablet, etc. access360 customers consistently state that they don’t know how they managed to operate efficiently prior to using the access360 hosted virtual desktop.

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    Enterprise grade reliability

    Benefit from enterprise grade infrastructure with guaranteed service levels, providing an IT operating environment far more robust than your current environment.  We believe this is essential, because when we say we guarantee a level of service, we mean it.

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    Assured Business Continuity

    Hosted Virtual Desktops provide a far greater degree of data security, reliability, and availability than servers and data hosted on-premise.  access360 is a fully resilient, self healing cloud solution with no single points of failure.  This means that when disaster strikes, you can carry out your business continuity plan in the shortest possible time frame.

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    Broad application support

    The combination of applications an organisation uses to create and manipulate data is unique and fundamental to the way it conducts business. Recognising this, access360 has been built from the ground up to ensure it provides the flexibility to host the broadest range of applications available in the corporate landscape.

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    Consistent user experience when mobile

    access360 Hosted Virtual Desktops give users a consistent experience across all devices from any location. Whether at the office, home, hotel room, even your customer’s premises, you access exactly the same desktop and when you switch from one device to another you pick up exactly where you left off.

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    Premium Security

    Security remains one of the prime concerns for all organisations that contemplate a move to the cloud.  access360 provides customers with enterprise grade security across the four key areas of physical security, security of data at rest, security of data in transit, and prevention of malicious and unauthorised access to the system.

    The access360 hosted virtual desktop service features multiple layers of security that ensure the safe keeping of valuable customer data. Key security measures include:

    • - Firewalls and intrusion detection systems for all service entry points to ensure malicious intent does not compromise customers
    • - Anti-virus/anti-malware/anti-spam for emails, web browsing and file storage using the world’s leading detection, removal and quarantine systems
    • - Individual folder and file level security
    • - Comprehensive data backup and retention processes for long term archiving with simple restore procedures
    • - SSL encryption for secure access to data and applications over the internet (the same level of security used to secure internet banking)

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    Full data sovereignty

    Customer data on the access360 platform will never reside anywhere but Australia.  This full data sovereignty means that customer data will always be fully protected by Australian laws. Not only that, since no third party is involved in storing the data, no unauthorised access can occur (this is not the case with some other providers).

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    Return on Investment

    In today’s market every dollar shaved off the operating expenses of a business counts. Using access360 means your business benefits from:

    • - a budgetable, predictable fixed monthly per user expense
    • - 100% tax deductible monthly expense
    • - elimination of costs associated with server maintenance/replacement
    • - a reduced requirement to retain consultants or highly skilled IT staff to manage your IT needs
    • - minimise lost productivity from unplanned down time.

    While cost should not be the only deciding factor in choosing a cloud service, it will always be a major factor.  access360‘s resellers are fully trained to perform a comprehensive cost analysis to ensure you get the full picture of the benefits to your bottom line.

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    Nationwide reseller network supporting local economy

    The access360 Hosted Virtual Desktop service is the only service of its kind that is 100% reseller focused.  That means customers enjoy the most personalised service available in Australia, from local trusted advisors.  This also ensures that your local economy still benefits from your IT spending.

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